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In the News

Jul 1, 2022

Benitez in Breaking Defense: Turkey lifts hold on Sweden, Finland joining NATO, following wide-ranging concessions

By Jorge Benitez

Jorge Benitez was quoted in a Breaking Defense article addressing the news of Turkey lifting its block on Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

Defense Policy Defense Technologies

In the News

Jun 25, 2022

Eftimiades in Industry Update on the satellite industry

By Atlantic Council

Nicholas Eftmiades discusses how the US government can leverage small-satellite developments to ensure safe and secure access to space.

Defense Industry Defense Policy

In the News

Jun 23, 2022

Cole in Politico on defense acquisition and bureaucracy

By Atlantic Council

August Cole discusses defense procurement and the challenges and risks of bureaucracy.

Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Automating the fight

Jun 17, 2022

‘Killer robots’ are coming. Is the US ready for the consequences?

By Tyson Wetzel

The decision to employ killer robots should not be feared—but it must be well thought-out and meticulously debated.

Conflict Defense Technologies

In the News

Jun 15, 2022

Grieco in War on the Rocks: Why Ukraine’s air success should worry the West

By Atlantic Council

On June 15, Kelly Grieco published an article in War on the Rocks with co-author Col. Max Bremer (USAF) on what Western air forces should learn from the Russia-Ukraine air war. They argue Ukraine’s success in contesting the skies turns the West’s airpower paradigm on its head — it offers an alternative vision for pursuing airspace denial over […]

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