Governments and practitioners have a suite of legal tools at their disposal with which to hold state actors, state proxies, non-state actors, and affiliated entities to account for human rights violations, atrocity crimes, financial abuses, and acts of terrorism, among other offenses. However, despite their potential potency, these tools are often under-utilized.

The Atlantic Council’s Strategic Litigation Project injects fresh thinking into how governments and practitioners can apply legal tools to advance human rights and accountability around the world.

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Strategic Litigation

Oct 2, 2023

Strategic Litigation Quarterly Newsletter: Exploring new and existing paths toward accountability

By the Strategic Litigation Project

SLP has continued to work on an archive documenting open-source evidence of human rights violations in Iran and on engaging with UN member states ahead of the body’s review of China.

China Human Rights

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New Atlanticist

Sep 25, 2023

China’s ‘crimes against humanity’ targeting Uyghurs aren’t going away. Here’s what the international community can do.

By Atlantic Council

Don’t be fooled by China’s efforts to cover up its oppression of the Uyghur people and other Turkic minorities, human-rights experts warned.

China European Union

Event Recap

Mar 17, 2023

Prioritizing response and recovery for US persons wrongfully detained abroad

By Britt Gronemeyer and Alana Mitias

On February 15, the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Litigation Project held a discussion about the United States’ approach to cases of wrongful detentions abroad, how strategies can be improved, and ways to better support the families of those detained.

Eastern Europe Indo-Pacific