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May 18, 2021

Predictable strategy and unpredictable operations: The implications of agility in Northern Europe

By Conor Rodihan, Matthew R. Crouch, and Ronald C. Fairbanks

As the US military becomes increasingly agile, its evolving strategy and activities pose implications for cooperation with allies, deterrence, and stability in Northern Europe.

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In-Depth Research & Reports

Jun 2, 2020

Geometries of deterrence: Assessing defense arrangements in Europe’s northeast

By Hans Binnendijk and Conor Rodihan

Nations in Europe’s northeast cooperate through a variety of multilateral security and defense arrangements. “Geometries of Deterrence” assesses how these arrangements individually and collectively contribute to deterrence and defense in Northeastern Europe.

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Feb 7, 2019

Permanent deterrence: Enhancements to the US military presence in North Central Europe

By Ambassador Alexander R. Vershbow (Ret.) and General Philip M. Breedlove, USAF (Ret.)

To provide an independent perspective, the Atlantic Council established a task force to assess the broader political and military implications of an enhanced US posture in North Central Europe. The report’s recommendations, guided by several key principles, are a result of the task force members’ agreement that enhancements to the US presence in the region could, and should, be undertaken to bolster deterrence and reinforce Alliance cohesion.

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Through in-depth research and timely analysis, our experts assess the landscape of defense capabilities and provide recommendations to maintain NATO’s competitive edge in air power, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and emerging technologies.


Apr 4, 2019

NATO at seventy: Filling NATO’s critical defense-capability gaps

By Wayne Schroeder

The need to outfit and equip NATO for great power competition, as well as increased pressure to invest more in defense, provides an opportunity to strengthen NATO for the future. Yet the path forward is still unclear. What investments should be prioritized to ensure that NATO retains its fighting mindset well past its seventieth anniversary in 2019?

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