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The Global Energy Center promotes energy security by working alongside government, industry, civil society, and public stakeholders to devise pragmatic solutions to the geopolitical, sustainability, and economic challenges of the changing global energy landscape.



Sep 15, 2022

What’s next for European energy security? Our experts decipher the State of the European Union Address.

By Atlantic Council experts

Ursula von der Leyen's speech focused on energy and strategic decoupling of supply chains amid Russia's war in Ukraine, but didn't delve into common defense.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business


Aug 25, 2022

European energy sovereignty is tied to Ukraine’s independence

By Olga Khakova

European energy accessibility, affordability, and resilience are closely tied to Ukraine’s fight for independence. Ukraine’s ultimate victory would enable natural gas developments, large-scale renewables deployment, and commercialization of innovative solutions.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance


Jun 30, 2022

The war in Ukraine and gas in the Western Balkans

By Robert F. Ichord, Jr.

Russia has made inroads in the Western Balkans with its promises of plentiful gas supply. The EU and NATO must grasp the region's strategic value and work to promote efforts to diversify gas imports from alternative suppliers and build an expansive network of gas infrastructure.

Energy & Environment Europe & Eurasia


Jun 10, 2022

How Nordic wind and wealth can wean Europe off Putin’s gas

By András Simonyi and Morten Svendstorp

Denmark and Norway are uniquely positioned to drive the European hydrogen economy of the future. The two countries' wealth, renewable capacity, and ambition make long-term replacement of Russian gas—and indeed of gas in general—viable.

Energy & Environment Europe & Eurasia


May 31, 2022

Obscured by the energy crisis, a food crisis unfolds

By Reed Blakemore, Maia Sparkman

Efforts to grapple with an energy crisis brought on by Russia's invasion of Ukraine have drowned out a similar emergency facing global food supply. Food security, already being impacted by the adverse effects of climate change, cannot be forgotten as the world pursues a transition to net-zero.

Energy & Environment Geopolitics & Energy Security


May 3, 2022

Gazprom set the Russian invasion of Ukraine in motion

By Alan Riley

Gazprom's actions in the months leading up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine can only be interpreted as stage-setting maneuvers to deter European involvement. Its willingness to abdicate its commercial responsibilities raises serious questions about Europe's future business with Russian energy companies.

Eastern Europe Energy & Environment


Apr 29, 2022

Keeping Europe united: A roadmap for avoiding Russia’s trap

By Olga Khakova

Russia's shutoff of its gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria presents a major test of European unity. But the EU has several options for defending its energy security and lessening the impact of the Russian energy threat.

Eastern Europe Energy & Environment


Apr 29, 2022

The ruble gas gamble

By Aliona Osmolovska

Putin's decree that gas payments from "unfriendly nations" must be made in rubles has the potential to foment division in Europe. Russian gas buyers on the continent should be aware of the dangers of compliance and of their legal recourses in the face of a cessation of supply.

Eastern Europe Energy & Environment
A worker helps put together a pipeline.


Apr 25, 2022

The EU’s plans to replace Russian gas: Aspiration and reality

By John Roberts and Julian Bowden

The implementation of the EU's REPowerEU plan looks to be a monumental task. The authors offer insight into the EU's various options in its effort to remove Russia from its gas balance and greatly reduce its hold over the continent.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance


Mar 21, 2022

Beware: Russia’s new energy sources down but not out

By Leslie Palti-Guzman

Current EU sanctions on Russia leave open the possibility of future Russian dominance in the trade of LNG and hydrogen, both crucial fuels in the energy transition. But there are policy options that would both prevent Russia from establishing supremacy in this trade and maintain EU unity.

Energy & Environment Europe & Eurasia