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The Climate Action Solution Centre (CASC) brings together global stakeholders to develop solutions to the most complicated challenges in decarbonizing the global economy.

Raising Ambitions


Surrounding the Leaders Summit on Climate, the Raising Ambitions event series will feature discussions on key steps to increase ambitions to exceed climate goals ahead of COP26.


Mar 31, 2021

Raising US climate ambition in advance of COP26: An economic and national security imperative

By Margaret Jackson, Zachary Strauss

In advance of the annual UN Climate Summit in Glasgow this November, the United States must raise its clean energy and climate ambitions and reassert global climate leadership. If left unchecked, climate change will continue to exact a heavy economic toll on the United States and threaten US national security interests and American lives.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center

The Big Story

Aug 31, 2021

Heat is killing us—and the economy too

By Kathy Baughman McLeod

Most people know the knock-on effects of global warming by now: rising sea levels, mass extinction of plants and wildlife, worsening floods, fires, and hurricanes. But heat itself is too often overlooked as a destructive force in its own right.

Climate Change & Climate Action Resilience

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Oct 14, 2021

For Africa to go green, the private sector must step up. Could COP26 provide an answer?

By Emilie Bel

The continent possesses an abundance of renewable-energy-production capabilities—but capitalizing on its potential remains a challenge.

Africa Climate Change & Climate Action



Nov 12, 2021

Kroenig and Ashford debate COP26 and the Pentagon’s new report on China’s military buildup

By Atlantic Council

On November 5, Foreign Policy published a biweekly column featuring Scowcroft Center deputy director Matthew Kroenig and New American Engagement Initiative senior fellow Emma Ashford assessing the latest news in international affairs. In the column, they discuss climate progress and pitfalls at COP26, including discrepancies between China’s climate commitments and actions. Later, they assess capabilities and intentions in […]

Arms Control China

New Atlanticist

Nov 7, 2021

The infrastructure bill is just the start. These Congress members are pushing to make climate action bipartisan.

By Katherine Walla

Severe weather events, the prospects for jobs, and youth activism are changing the political climate, lawmakers said at an Atlantic Council event at the COP26 summit.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

Inflection Points

Nov 7, 2021

Special Report: Three lessons from Riyadh and Glasgow, as climate change collides with an energy shock

By Frederick Kempe

The world is experiencing more energy transition than revolution, climate adaptation is critical, and politics will indelibly shape the energy future.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

New Atlanticist

Nov 4, 2021

Bending the Asia-Pacific coal curve is critical to taming climate change. COP26 is making progress.

By Robert F. Ichord, Jr.

Recent coal pledges are new examples of the type of cooperation with emerging and developing countries that will be necessary to curb emissions and help countries implement their national climate commitments.

Climate Change & Climate Action East Asia

New Atlanticist

Nov 1, 2021

The G20 risks becoming a mini-UN. That’s a bad thing.

By Hung Tran

Endless discussion is slowly replacing swift action. Here’s where last weekend’s Rome summit came up short.

European Union G20

New Atlanticist

Oct 31, 2021

Experts react: Can COP26 negotiators sustain the momentum?

Atlantic Council experts deliver insightful analysis on the COP26 developments that will matter most in the fight against climate change.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment


Oct 29, 2021

A field of her own

By Megan Goyette and Emily Carll

Governments must re-examine their climate finance policies to ensure that funds are directed to and advised by those who know the on-the-ground truth, rather than others who will be drawn to invest in climate buzzwords such as renewables and technological saviors.

Climate Change & Climate Action Politics & Diplomacy


Oct 25, 2021

IEA World Energy Outlook 2021: All eyes on net zero

By Ameya Hadap

With COP26 rapidly approaching and the challenge of net zero on everyone’s minds, climate negotiators need tools. The IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2021 is the perfect one.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions


Oct 23, 2021

Rapid Response: The energy crisis

By Global Energy Center

Global Energy Center experts comment on the energy crisis, energy security, and the future of the transition.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

Fast Thinking

Oct 22, 2021

FAST THINKING: Why climate change will wreak havoc on national security

By Atlantic Council

The White House, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence agree: Climate change poses a serious security threat. Here’s what our experts say it really means.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment