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Thu, Sep 9, 2021

Afghanistan’s economy under the Taliban: the challenges ahead

If their past is any indication of the future, the Taliban will find funds. But their ability to properly manage monetary policy remains to be seen. If they don’t, they’ll surely lose the economic war, and the people of Afghanistan along with it

Blog Post by Inbar Pe'er

Afghanistan Economy & Business

Wed, Sep 8, 2021

Friedlander quoted by Wall Street Journal about Biden’s embrace of economic sanctions

Read the full article here.

In the News by Julia Friedlander

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business

Tue, Sep 7, 2021


Since April, Asia has experienced a wave of COVID suppressing growth throughout the region. The key question to watch is: will supply chain contagion once again follow the virus west?

EconoGraphics by Niels Graham

East Asia Macroeconomics

Fri, Sep 3, 2021

O’Toole quoted in Reuters about the potential impact of releasing Afghan assets

Read the whole article here.

In the News by Brian O’Toole

Afghanistan Economic Sanctions

Tue, Aug 31, 2021

CBDC Tracker cited in The Insider

Read the full article here. Explore the CBDC tracker here.

In the News by The GeoEconomics Center

Digital Currencies India

Tue, Aug 31, 2021

Lipsky interviewed in Foreign Policy about China’s rationale for creating their digital Yuan

Read the full article here.

In the News by Josh Lipsky

Economy & Business Macroeconomics

Tue, Aug 31, 2021

FAST THINKING: The war is over, but the Afghanistan mission continues

What will continued US engagement in Afghanistan look like? How will the Taliban govern? What will become of the country’s refugees?

Fast Thinking by Atlantic Council

Afghanistan Conflict

Mon, Aug 30, 2021

Moehr quoted in ETF Trends about the rise of CBDCs

Read the whole article here.

In the News by Ole Moehr

Digital Currencies Financial Regulation

Sat, Aug 28, 2021

O’Toole quoted in The Economist about Russia’s attempts to circumvent sanctions

Read the whole article here.

In the News by Brian O’Toole

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business

Fri, Aug 27, 2021

Mark interviewed in Radio Free Europe on IMF SDR allocations to Belarus

Read the whole article here.

In the News by Jeremy Mark

Belarus Economy & Business


Fri, Sep 24, 2021

Future of UN sanctions

Online Event Panel discussion on the future of targeted financial sanctions in the United Nations toolkit featuring Sue Eckert, George A. Lopez, Kimberly Prost, and Jacqueline Shire. This conversation is moderated by Howard Wachtel.

2:00pm Belarus China Economic Sanctions Ethiopia