About the Atlantic Council Strategy Papers 

This effort by established and emerging strategic thinkers, from within and outside the Atlantic Council, is a non-partisan endeavor designed to influence policymakers, thought leaders, and the media at the highest levels to open new horizons in strategic thinking on the most important global
issues. The Initiative also works in conjunction with other Atlantic Council Centers to create regional strategy task forces focusing on East Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Iran.

Published Papers:

Atlantic Council Strategy Paper No. 1
Dynamic Stability: US Strategy for a World in Transition
By Barry Pavel, Peter Engelke, and Alex Ward

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Atlantic Council Strategy Paper No. 2
A US Strategy for Sustainable Energy Security
By David Koranyi

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Atlantic Council Strategy Paper No. 5
Toward a New National Security Space Strategy: Time for a Strategic Rebalancing
By Theresa Hitchens and Joan Johnson-Freese

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