Advancing security through stability is a core American and European priority in the Middle East. As the region undergoes significant political and socioeconomic change, the Council’s Middle East programming provides a forum for informing and galvanizing the transatlantic community to work together to address the range of challenges and support opportunities for growth in the region. The Atlantic Council examines key trends and current events in the Middle East through the lens of a cadre of DC-based and regional experts, providing timely analysis and policy recommendations for the United States, its allied governments, and the broader policy community.

Our work on the Middle East focuses on two broad themes: building peace and security and unlocking the region’s largely untapped human potential. The breadth of our work on this critical region spans several initiatives and centers at the Council. We have dedicated programs that address both security issues and economic and human development challenges focused on Iraq, Iran, North Africa, and Syria with in house experts tracking the latest developments and crafting recommendations for transatlantic and regional policy makers.

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Through our Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East and Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative, the Atlantic Council works with allies and partners in Europe and the wider Middle East to protect US interests, build peace and security, and unlock the human potential of the region.

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