Last Updated: December 22, 2014

Executive Office

  • Frederick Kempe, President and CEO
  • Damon M. Wilson, Executive Vice President
  • Drew Dickson, Associate Director
  • Alison Perry, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Megan Poole, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President
  • Maksymilian Czuperski, Special Assistant to the President and CEO

Office of External Relations

  • Paige Ennis, Vice President
  • Randy Bell, Deputy Director, Corporate Relations
  • Maureen McGrath, Associate Director, Board Relations
  • Colleen D'Orazio, Associate Director, Development Operations
  • Vicente Garcia, Assistant Director, Membership Relations
  • Iveta Kruma, Assistant Director and Coordinator, Energy and Economic Summit
  • Farida Gadzhimirzaeva, Program Assistant, Development
  • Vriddhi Sujan, Assistant Director, Development and Board Relations
  • Reed Blakemore, Program Assistant
  • Bimpe Famodun, Intern


  • Liz Harper, Managing Editor, Communications
  • Jeff Barrus, Deputy Director, Digital Communications
  • Samia Yakub, Associate Director, Communications, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East
  • Nonna Gorilovskaya, Associate Editor
  • James Rupert, Editor
  • Irena Chalupa, Editor
  • Justine Jablonska, Associate Director, Digital Communications
  • Madeleine Levey Lambert, Assistant Director, Communications
  • Marquis Brand, Assistant Director, Digital Communications
  • Beth Nervig, Assistant Director, Digital Communications


  • Julie Varghese, Director
  • Laura Macedo, Assistant Director
  • Morgann McSwain, Associate Director
  • Ian Hansen, Program Assistant
  • Katharine Sagar, Program Assistant
  • Paul Paliga, Program Assistant, Audiovisual Systems

Office of Finance and Administration

  • Beverly Armstrong, Chief Financial Officer
  • Adwoa M. Jones, Director, Human Resources
  • Natasha Hadijski, Deputy Director and Assistant Controller
  • Eileen Webb-Braxton, Office Administrator  
  • Matthew Klein, Accountant
  • Amna Khan, Accounting Assistant
  • Genevieve McGann, Human Resources Assistant
  • Ingrid Norton, Administrative Specialist

Africa Center

  • J. Peter Pham, Director
  • Bronwyn Bruton, Deputy Director
  • Joshua Meservey, Assistant Director
  • Kelsey Lilley, Program Assistant
  • Amanda Ball, Intern
  • Udo Afulezi, Intern


Global Energy Center


Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center

  • John E. Herbst, Director
  • David Koranyi, Director, Eurasian Energy Futures Initiative
  • Defne Arslan, Director, Energy and Economic Summit
  • Pinar Dost-Niyego, Assistant Director, Atlantic Council Turkey Office, and Energy and Economic Summit
  • Bina Hussein, Program Assistant
  • Svitlana Orekhova, Program Assistant
  • Sezan McDaniel, Project Assistant, Energy and Economic Summit
  • Michael Buckley, Project Assistant, Energy and Economic Summit
  • Mariia Nikitova, Intern
  • Mariam Tirkia, Intern


Global Business and Economics Program

  • Andrea Montanino, Director
  • Chris Brummer, Project Director, Transatlantic Finance Initiative and C. Boyden Gray Fellow on Global Finance and Growth
  • Garrett Workman, Associate Director
  • Andrew Chrismer, Assistant Director
  • Jennifer Rice, Intern


Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security

  • Barry Pavel, Vice President and Director
  • Magnus Nordenman, Deputy Director
  • Daniel Y. Chiu, Deputy Director
  • HuiHui Ooi, Assistant Director
  • Alexander Ward, Assistant Director
  • Sehyeon Lee, Intern
  • Philip Thorell, Intern
  • Gabriel Maletta, Intern, NATOSource



Cyber Statecraft Initiative


Emerging Defense Challenges Initiative

  • Steven Grundman, M.A. and George Lund Fellow for Emerging Defense Challenges
  • James Hasik, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Emerging Defense Challenges

Middle East Peace and Security Initiative

  • Michael Oren, Ambassador-in-Residence
  • Salam Fayyad, Distinguished Statesman
  • Marri Janeka, Assistant Director
  • Sarah Trager, Assistant Director
  • Brenna Hoffman, Intern


Strategic Foresight Initiative


Transatlantic Security Initiative


Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

  • Peter Schechter, Director
  • Jason Marczak, Deputy Director
  • Natalie Alhonte, Associate Director
  • Thomas Corrigan, Research Assistant
  • Abby Moore, Program Assistant
  • Rachel DeLevie-Orey, Program Assistant
  • Leyla Kravitz, Project Assistant
  • Yadira Rodriguez, Intern


Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

  • Francis Ricciardone, Vice President and Director
  • Danya Greenfield, Deputy Director
  • Mirette F. Mabrouk, Deputy Director for Regional Programs
  • Nancy Messieh, Associate Director and Editor of EgyptSource
  • Tuqa Nusairat, Associate Director, Programs
  • Tarek Radwan, Associate Director and Editor of MENASource
  • Matthew Hall, Assistant Director, Syria
  • Stefanie Hausheer, Assistant Director, Programs
  • Lara Talverdian, Assistant Director, Research
  • Peter Kirechu, Intern
  • Owen Daniels, Intern


South Asia Center

  • Bharath Gopalaswamy, Deputy Director
  • Huma Haque, Associate Director
  • Nazia Khan, Program Assistant
  • Elijah Logsdon, Intern
  • Refayat Haque, Intern


Transatlantic Relations Program

  • Frances G. Burwell, Vice President and Director
  • Michał Kobosko, Director, Wrocław Global Forum
  • Jorn Fleck, Associate Director
  • Sarah Bedenbaugh, Assistant Director
  • Guillaume Julian, Intern
  • Michael Fedynsky, Intern


Young Atlanticist Program