Executive Office

Frederick Kempe, President and CEO
Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President
Karl Hopkins, General Counsel
Julie Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer
Andrew Goff, Chief of Staff
Juliane Doscher, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
William O’Brien, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President
Abigail Hermes, Associate Director, Finance and Operations


Michael B. Greenwald, Senior Advisor to the President and CEO
Paige Ennis, Strategic Advisor

Office of Finance and Operations

Julie Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer
Abigail Hermes, Associate Director, Finance and Operations

Human Resources

Marshall Taylor, Vice President, Global Human Resources and Legal Affairs
Kadiatou Cesaire, Director, Global Human Resources and Talent Development
Fernanda Meirelles, Human Resources Specialist, Talent Acquisition
Andrea Morris, Human Resources Specialist, Talent Management
Mary Kate Lambert, Human Resources Coordinator


Eileen Webb-Braxton, Office Administrator
Tom Noll, Data and Systems Management


Matt Haggerty, Director
Brian Ferreira, Controller
Noor Nazari, Senior Grants Accountant
Hannah Rogers, Senior Grants Accountant
Emily Blumenthal, Senior Accountant
Ying Liu, Accountant

Office of External Relations


Andrew Marshall, Vice President, Communications

Strategic Communications

Alex Kisling, Director, Strategic Communications
Nicole Meir, Assistant Director, Media Relations
Jasper Gilardi, Assistant Director

Digital Communications

Graham Lampa, Director, Digital Communications
Nancy Messieh, Deputy Director, Digital Communications
Clintandra Thompson, Web Manager
Tigest Frew, Assistant Director, Graphic Design
Mia Duncan, Video Producer
Deven Johnson, Video Editor


Uri Friedman, Managing Editor
Daniel Malloy, Deputy Managing Editor
Susan Cavan, Editor
Katherine Walla, Assistant Director, Editorial
Bridget Corna, Assistant Director, Digital Engagement


Carrie Kolasky, Senior Vice President, Development
Gina Wood, Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships
Kristi Pappalardo, Director, Corporate Relations and Awards Dinners
Gretchen Ehle, Director, Business Development
Vriddhi Sujan, Director, Strategic Planning and Board Relations
Joseph Pettit, Deputy Director, Development Operations
Brendan Simmons, Deputy Director, Foundation and Institutional Giving
Ursula Murdaugh, Associate Director, Foundation and Institutional Giving
Miranda Prosdotti, Associate Director, Program Development and Special Projects
Maggie Spiller, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Development
Keith Jones, Assistant Director, Corporate Relations
Graeme Cranston-Cuebas, Assistant Director, Board Relations
Tara Stanley, Assistant Director, Annual Awards Dinners
Maysa Amer, Program Assistant, Development Operations
Nicholas O’Connell, Program Assistant, Business Development


Vicente Garcia, Director, Events and Special Initiatives
Katharine Sagar, Director, Events and Flagship Convenings
Jackson Styron, Senior Audiovisual Manager
Roger Morales, Audiovisual Manager
Laura Macedo, Associate Director
Zeynep Wironen, Associate Director
Lauren Holland, Associate Director
Candace Johnson, Assistant Director
Chaz McCray, Facilities Assistant


Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

Jason Marczak, Director
Maria Fernanda Perez Arguello, Deputy Director, Programs
Diego Area, Associate Director, Venezuela
Pepe Zhang, Associate Director, China in Latin America
Angela Chavez, Assistant Director
Domingo Sadurni, Assistant Director
Valentina Sader, Assistant Director
Camila Hernandez, Assistant Director
Cristina Guevara, Assistant Director
Wazim Mowla, Program Assistant

Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center

Kathy Baughman McLeod, Senior Vice President and Director
Paige Ennis, Strategic Advisor
Rosemary Mann, Director, Strategic Partnerships Initiative
Rebecca Scheurer, Director, Humanitarian Initiative
Jorge Gastelumendi, Director, Global Policy Initiative
Bessie Tassoulas, Deputy Director, Communications
Giovanna Grigsby-Rocca, Deputy Director, Extreme Heat Program
Jennifer Manaloto, Program Manager
Nidhi Upadhyaya, Associate Director
Andrea Snyder, Assistant Director
Owen Gow, Program Assistant
Kurtis Weatherford, Project Assistant

Africa Center

Rama Yade, Director
Luke Tyburski, Assistant Director
Alyssa Harvie, Program Assistant

Digital Forensic Research Lab

Graham Brookie, Director
Rose Jackson, Director, Policy Initiative
Andy Carvin, Managing Editor and Senior Fellow
Iain Robertson, Deputy Director
Nicholas Yap, Deputy Director
Emerson T. Brooking, Senior Fellow
Jared Holt, Fellow
Anna Pellegatta, Associate Director
Lukas Andriukaitis, Associate Director
Devin Chavira, Assistant Director, Development
Eric Baker, Assistant Director, Digital Communications
Kelsey Henquinet, Assistant Director
Zarine Kharazian, Associate Editor
Nika Aleksejeva, Lead Researcher, Baltics
Eto Buziashvili, Research Associate, Caucasus
Michael J. Sheldon, Research Assistant, Eurasia
Luiza Bandeira, Research Assistant, Latin America
Givi Gigitashvili, Research Assistant, Caucasus
Ayushman Kaul, Research Assistant, South Asia
Roman Osadchuk, Research Assistant, Eurasia
Esteban Felipe Ponce de Leon Rosas, Research Assistant, Latin America
Max Rizzuto, Research Assistant
Alyssa Kann, Research Assistant
Jacqueline Malaret, Program Assistant

Eurasia Center

John Herbst, Director
Melinda Haring, Deputy Director
Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow
Shelby Magid, Associate Director
Doug Klain, Program Assistant
Andrew D’Anieri, Program Assistant
Adrian Hoefer, Program Assistant

Europe Center

Benjamin Haddad, Director
Jörn Fleck, Deputy Director
Damir Marusic, Senior Fellow
Denise Forsthuber, Associate Director and Manager, Advisory Council
Livia Godaert, Assistant Director
Marta Cioci, Program Assistant
James Batchik, Program Assistant
Lisa Homel, Project Assistant

GeoEconomics Center

Josh Lipsky, Director
Julia Friedlander, C. Boyden Gray Senior Fellow and Deputy Director
Ole Moehr, Associate Director
Nitya Biyani, Program Assistant
Niels Graham, Program Assistant

GeoTech Center

David Bray, Director
Stephanie Wander, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow
Stewart Scott, Assistant Director
Claire Branley, Program Assistant
Borja Prado, Research Assistant

Global Energy Center

Randolph Bell, Director
Jennifer Gordon, Managing Editor and Senior Fellow
Margaret Jackson, Deputy Director, Climate and Advanced Energy
Reed Blakemore, Deputy Director
George Frampton, Senior Fellow
Olga Khakova, Associate Director, European Energy Security
Zachary Strauss, Assistant Director
Emily Burlinghaus, Assistant Director
Kelsey Forren, Assistant Director
David Yellen, Assistant Director
John Soughan, Program Assistant

Millennium Leadership Program

Jonah Fisher, Director
Mary Prakas, Program Assistant

Rafik Hariri Center and Middle East Programs

William Wechsler, Director, Rafik Hariri Center and Middle East Programs
Tuqa Nusairat, Deputy Director, Rafik Hariri Center and Middle East Programs
Abbas Kadhim, Senior Fellow
Karim Mezran, Senior Fellow
Gissou Nia, Senior Fellow
Masoud Mostajabi, Associate Director
Alissa Pavia, Assistant Director
Samantha Treiman, Media and Communications Coordinator
Allison Holle, Program Assistant


Amjad Ahmad, Director and Senior Fellow, empowerME
Stefanie Ali, Deputy Director, empowerME

Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative

Kirsten Fontenrose, Director, Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative
Katherine Wolff, Associate Director
Joze Pelayo, Program Assistant

Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Barry Pavel, Senior Vice President and Director
Matthew Kroenig, Deputy Director
Caroline Multerer, Chief of Staff

Asia Security Initiative

Miyeon Oh, Director and Senior Fellow
James Hildebrand, Associate Director
Harry W S Lee, Program Assistant

Cyber Statecraft Initiative

Trey Herr, Director
Safa Shahwan Edwards, Deputy Director
Simon Handler, Assistant Director
Emma Schroeder, Assistant Director
William Loomis, Assistant Director

Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative

Mathew Burrows, Director
Peter Engelke, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow
Anca Agachi, Associate Director

Forward Defense

Clementine Starling, Deputy Director
John Watts, Senior Fellow
Christian Trotti, Assistant Director
Mark Massa, Assistant Director

Global Strategy Initiative

Matthew Kroenig, Director
Ash Jain, Senior Fellow
Jeffrey Cimmino, Assistant Director

New American Engagement Initiative

Christopher Preble, Co-Director
Mat Burrows, Co-Director
Emma Ashford, Senior Fellow
Erica Borghard, Senior Fellow
Evan Cooper, Junior Fellow
Aude Darnal, Associate Director

Transatlantic Security Initiative

Christopher Skaluba, Director
Leah Scheunemann, Deputy Director
Connor McPartland, Assistant Director
Conor Rodihan, Assistant Director
Gabriela Doyle, Program Assistant

South Asia Center

Irfan Nooruddin, Director
Harris Samad, Assistant Director
Kaveri Sarkar, Project Assistant
Megan Goyette, Project Assistant

Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Defne (Sadıklar) Arslan, Director and Turkey Representative
Pınar Dost, Deputy Director
Grady Wilson, Assistant Director