Executive Office

Frederick Kempe, President and CEO
Julie Varghese, Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Goff, Chief of Staff
Mary Kate Lambert, Deputy Director, Office of Finance and Operations
Tory Scordato, Special Assistant to the President and CEO
Stewart Huntsman, Special Assistant, Research


Michael B. Greenwald, Senior Advisor to the President and CEO
Karl Hopkins, General Counsel

Office of Finance and Operations

Julie Varghese, Chief Operating Officer
Gretchen Ehle, Chief Financial Officer
Adam Stubits, Director, Operations
Mary Kate Lambert, Deputy Director
Ursula Murdaugh, Associate Director, Contract and Grants Compliance
Nicholas O’Connell, Associate Director, Business Development
Caroline Simpson, Assistant Director, Business Development
Alyssa Lufman, Office Administration
Maysa Amer, Salesforce Administrator

Human Resources

Kadiatou Cesaire, Vice President, Global Human Resources and Talent Development
Jasmine Cooper, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  
Adnana Korkutovic, Deputy Director, Global Human Resources and Total Rewards
Jessica Pointer, Deputy Director, Talent Acquisition & Development
Sally Koroma, Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
Léa Filali, Human Resources Specialist, Talent Management
Azara Rosenow, Program Assistant, Talent Management and Engagement
June Wambua, Program Assistant, Talent Acquisition and Onboarding


Brian Ferreira, Director
Rachel Klemmer, Controller
Freddie Gratz, Interim Controller
Noor Nazari, Grants Finance Manager
Mohit Manchanda, Senior Accountant
Ying Liu, Senior Grants Accountant
Taylor Billing, Senior Grants Accountant
Hannah Rogers, Senior Finance Associate
Marvin Benitez, Associate Accountant


Gina Wood, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Impact
Grace Rosen, Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Impact

Board of Directors and International Advisory Board

Miranda Prosdotti, Deputy Director, Board Relations and Program Development
Dan Ortiz, Associate Director, Board Engagement

Business Development and Operations

JT Redmon, Deputy Director, Development Operations and Strategy
Emma Sauder, Development Operations Assistant

Philanthropic Partnerships

Sara Teichman, Senior Director, Philanthropic Partnerships
Diego Scharifker, Director, Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorships
Brendan Simmons, Director, Foundation Partnerships
William Ramsey, Deputy Director, Corporate Relations and Sponsorships
Tara Stanley, Associate Director, Development
Kiana Cunningham, Assistant Director, Membership Engagement
Benjamin Ramey, Assistant Director, Corporate Relations

Signature Events – Distinguished Leadership Awards and Global Citizen Awards

Lauren Holland, Director, Signature Events and Strategic Planning
Samantha Treiman, Associate Director, Communications and Signature Events
Daniel Benson, Assistant Director, Donor Experience, and Signature Events


Andrew Marshall, Senior Vice President, Engagement
Vicente Garcia, Senior Director, Engagement and External Affairs
Sarah Knight, Project Manager


Jackson Styron, Director, Audiovisual Services
Graham MacGillivray
, Deputy Director, Audiovisual and Creative Productions
Eamonn Coughlin, Audiovisual Manager
Jasper Gilardi, Associate Director, Audiovisual

Digital and Data

Risa Dixon, Director, Digital and Data
Nancy Messieh, Deputy Director, Digital Communications
Nicole Scibelli, Deputy Director, Marketing Operations
Clintandra Thompson, Web Manager
Kathy Butterfield, Graphic Designer
Ryan Curl, Digital Analytics Specialist
Andrea Ratiu, Assistant Director, Digital Production


Uri Friedman, Managing Editor
Daniel Malloy, Deputy Managing Editor
Katherine Walla, Associate Director, Editorial
Cate Hansberry, Publications Editor
Mary Kate Aylward, Publications Editor
John Cookson, New Atlanticist Editor


Katharine Sagar, Director, Events and Flagship Convenings
Iveta Kruma, Director, Global Events
Laura Macedo, Associate Director, Event Operations
Rebekah Mechem-Nantz, Assistant Director
Jesus Fernandez, Assistant Director
Alexander Del Vecchio, Assistant Director
Maya Edwards, Assistant Director
Chaz McCray, Facilities Assistant

Strategic Communications

Richard Davidson, Director, Strategic Communications
Miriam Smallman, Associate Director, Media Relations
Emily Hopkins, Assistant Director, Media Relations


Ashley Semler, Senior Producer, Events and Video
Alexander Governatori, Videographer and Editor
Mia Duncan, Video Producer
Deven Johnson, Video Editor
Gabriel Torres, Production Assistant


Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center

Jason Marczak, Senior Director
María Fernanda Bozmoski, Deputy Director, Programs
Diego Area, Deputy Director, Strategic Development
Pepe Zhang, Senior Fellow
Geoff Ramsey, Senior Fellow
Angela Chavez, Associate Director, Communications and Community Specialist
Valentina Sader, Associate Director, Brazil Lead
Wazim Mowla, Associate Director, Caribbean Initiative
Isabel Bernhard, Assistant Director
Ignacia Ulloa Peters, Assistant Director
Eva Lardizábal, Assistant Director
Willow Fortunoff, Assistant Director
Felipe Felix Mendez, Program Assistant
Isabel Chiriboga, Program Assistant

Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center

Kathy Baughman McLeod, Senior Vice President and Director
Rosemary Mann, Director, Strategic Partnerships Initiative
Jorge Gastelumendi, Director, Global Policy Initiative
Geraldine Henrich-Koenis, Director, Communications
Kurt Shickman, Director, Extreme Heat Program
Christina Stanton, Director, Operations, Staff, and Strategy
Stephanie Lasure, Deputy Director, Finance
Nidhi Upadhyaya, Deputy Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Morgan Brown, Deputy Director, Individual Resilience Initiative
Kathleen Euler, Social Media Specialist
Richard Miller, Program Manager, Resilient Hub Network Strategy & Florida Initiatives Program
Patti Daino, Executive Assistant
Jessica Dabrowski, Deputy Director, Communications
Catherine Wallace, Associate Director, Communications
Rebecca Weaver, Associate Director, Development Operations
Shayne Hayes, Associate Director, Gaming Initiative
Owen Gow, Associate Director, Extreme Heat
Yuval Baharav, Assistant Director, Extreme Heat
Valentina Deshler, Project Assistant
Lilly Nichols, Project Assistant, Heat

Africa Center

Rama Yade, Senior Director
Benjamin Mossberg, Deputy Director
Alexander Tripp, Program Assistant

Digital Forensic Research Lab

Graham Brookie, Senior Director
Rose Jackson, Director, Democracy and Tech Initiative
Andy Carvin, Managing Editor and Senior Fellow
Iain Robertson, Deputy Managing Editor
Nicholas Yap, Director, Strategy and Operations
Heather Kunin, Deputy Director, Operations
Devin Chavira, Associate Director, Development
Layla Mashkoor, Associate Editor
Mattia Caniglia, Associate Director, Capacity Building
Eric Baker, Associate Director, Digital Communications
Jacqueline Malaret, Assistant Director
Nikta Khani, Assistant Director
Ana Arriagada, Assistant Director, Latin America
Nika Aleksejeva, Research Fellow, Baltics
Iria Puyosa, Visiting Senior Fellow
Leah Fiddler, Resident Fellow, Democracy and Human Rights
Eto Buziashvili, Research Associate, Caucasus
Jean le Roux, Research Associate, Sub-Saharan Africa
Sopo Gelava, Research Associate, Caucasus
Alyssa Kann, Research Associate
Meghan Conroy, Research Fellow, United States
Ruslan Trad, Resident Fellow, Security Research
Kenton Thibaut, Resident Fellow, China
Givi Gigitashvili, Research Associate
Roman Osadchuk, Research Associate
Esteban Felipe Ponce de Leon Rosas, Research Associate
Daniel Suárez Pérez, Research Associate
Tessa Knight, Research Associate
Max Rizzuto, Research Associate
Valentin Châtelet, Research Associate
Kateryna Halstead, Research Assistant
Ani Mejlumyan, Research Assistant
Victoria Olari, Research Assistant
Abde Amr, Research Assistant
Sayyara Mammadova, Research Assistant
Abigail Wollam, Assistant Director
Giovana Cardoso, Program Assistant

Cyber Statecraft Initiative

Trey Herr, Director
Safa Shahwan Edwards, Deputy Director
Emma Schroeder, Associate Director
William Loomis, Associate Director
Stewart Scott, Associate Director
Maia Hamin, Associate Director
Jennifer Roberts, Program Assistant
Alex Beatty, Program Assistant

Eurasia Center

John Herbst, Senior Director
Shelby Magid, Deputy Director
Andrew D’Anieri, Assistant Director
Aleksander Cwalina, Program Assistant
Benton Coblentz, Program Assistant
Olivia Yanchik, Program Assistant

Europe Center

Jörn Fleck, Senior Director
Aaron Korewa, Director, Warsaw Office
Ben Judah, Director, Protect Europe Initiative
Denise Forsthuber, Deputy Director, Strategic Engagement and Operations
James Batchik, Assistant Director
Lisa Homel, Assistant Director
Francis Shin, Research Assistant
Akshat Dhankher, Program Assistant
Nicole Lawler, Program Assistant
Luka Ignac, Program Assistant
Emma Nix, Program Assistant

Freedom and Prosperity Center

Dan Negrea, Senior Director
Joseph Lemoine, Deputy Director
Yomna Gaafar, Assistant Director
James Storen, Program Assistant

GeoEconomics Center

Josh Lipsky, Senior Director
Charles Lichfield, Deputy Director and C. Boyden Gray Senior Fellow
Ananya Kumar, Associate Director for Digital Currencies
Niels Graham, Assistant Director
Mrugank Bhusari, Assistant Director
Sophia Busch, Program Assistant
Alisha Chhangani, Project Assistant

Economic Statecraft Initiative

Kimberly Donovan, Director, Economic Statecraft Initiative
Maia Nikoladze, Assistant Director

GeoTech Center

Lloyd Whitman, Senior Director
Stephanie Wander, Director, Programs
Giulia Neaher, Assistant Director
Kiran Jivnani, Assistant Director
Solomon Wise, Program Assistant
Emily Sespico, Program Assistant
Coley Felt, Program Assistant
Ellie Creasey, Program Assistant
Caroline Thompson, Project Assistant

Global China Hub

David Shullman, Senior Director
Colleen Cottle, Deputy Director
Matt Geraci, Assistant Director
Kitsch Liao, Assistant Director

Global Energy Center

Landon Derentz, Senior Director
Reed Blakemore, Deputy Director
Jennifer Gordon, Managing Editor and Director for Nuclear Energy Policy
Kristi Pappalardo, Director, Global Alliances and Business Strategy
George Frampton, Senior Fellow
Joseph Webster, Senior Fellow
Christine Suh, Managing Editor
Olga Khakova, Deputy Director, European Energy Security
Kathryn Kenney, Deputy Director, Strategy and Operations
Stephanie Mustachi, Deputy Director, Global Energy Forum and COP Programs
Lizi Bowen, Associate Director, Digital Communications and Community Engagement
Paddy Ryan, Assistant Director, European Energy Security
Maia Sparkman, Assistant Director
Ameya Hadap, Assistant Director
William Tobin, Program Assistant
Elina Carpen, Program Assistant
Frank Willey, Project Assistant

Millennium Leadership Program

Jonah Fisher, Senior Director
Natalia Etten, Associate Director
Taylor Smith, Assistant Director

Rafik Hariri Center and Middle East Programs

William Wechsler, Senior Director, Rafik Hariri Center and Middle East Programs
Tuqa Nusairat, Director for Strategy, Operations, and Finance
Abbas Kadhim, Senior Fellow
Karim Mezran, Senior Fellow
Jomana Qaddour, Resident Senior Fellow
Sarah Zaaimi, Deputy Director, Communications
Masoud Mostajabi, Associate Director
Alissa Pavia, Associate Director
Yulia Shalomov, Associate Director
Lynn Monzer, Associate Director, WIn Fellowship
Austin Slater, Assistant Director, Media & Communications, Israel Project
Yaseen Rashed, Program Assistant, Media & Communications
Mariah Smith, Program Assistant, Israel Project
Nour Dabboussi, Program Assistant


Racha Helwa, Director, empowerME
Hezha Barzani, Program Assistant
Nibras Basitkey, Program Assistant

Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative

Jonathan Panikoff, Director, Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative
Ash Jain, Director, Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative
Joze Pelayo, Assistant Director
Alex Elnagdy, Assistant Director

Strategic Litigation Project

Gissou Nia, Director, Strategic Litigation Project
Nushin SarkaratiDeputy Director
Elise Baker, Associate Director
Celeste Kmiotek, Associate Director
Lisandra Novo, Associate Director
Alana Mitias, Assistant Director

Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Matthew Kroenig, Senior Director

Indo-Pacific Security Initiative

Markus Garlauskas, Director
Lauren Gilbert, Associate Director
Kyoko Imai, Assistant Director
Emma Verges, Program Assistant

Forward Defense

Clementine Starling, Director
Mark Massa, Associate Director
Julia Siegel, Assistant Director
Alyxandra Marine, Program Assistant
Jacob Mezey, Program Assistant
Delharty Manson, Program Assistant

Scowcroft Strategy Initiative

Matthew Kroenig, Director, Scowcroft Strategy Initiative
Peter Engelke, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow for Foresight
Jeffrey Cimmino, Associate Director
Danielle Miller, Assistant Director
Imran Bayoumi, Assistant Director
Soda Lo, Project Assistant
Sydney Sherry, Project Assistant

Transatlantic Security Initiative

Christopher Skaluba, Director
Leah Scheunemann, Deputy Director
Anca Agachi, Associate Director and Resident Fellow
Ryan Arick, Assistant Director
Alvina Ahmed, Program Assistant
Kimberly Talley, Program Assistant

South Asia Center

Irfan Nooruddin, Senior Director
Uzair Younus, Director, Pakistan Initiative
Harris Samad, Associate Director
Misha Iqbal, Program Assistant

Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Defne (Sadıklar) Arslan, Senior Director and Turkey Representative
Pınar Dost, Deputy Director
Grady Wilson, Associate Director
Alp Ozen, Program Assistant